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Please pardon my attire and my attempts to safeguard what rightfully belongs to me, Ushna Shah

The actor expressed regret to the blogger, saying that she shouldn't have let the online community affect her.


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Even though Ushna Shah’s wedding to Austrian golfer Hamza Amin last weekend was a wonderful event. A few unwanted guests made it less enjoyable. Earlier, Ushna Shah had criticized a blogger for bringing a plus one. A photographer who had brought a drone when the invitation had been extended only to the former. Her desire to “move on” from the uproar is what prompted her to give an apology now.

Because the criticism has affected her so negatively and caused her to doubt her career choice. Ushna Shah has also declared that she will be taking a social media hiatus for a few days.

“I haven’t reacted to online trolling for years, but I am a human being at a very vulnerable moment in my life; a new bride in a new home,” she posted on Instagram.

She went on to say that she was unhappy by the intrusion into her privacy because “since I wanted to keep our union safe and only share what I felt comfortable sharing, I had the photographic crew sign nondisclosure agreements, and I had security and guest lists in place. I took great pains to ensure your privacy during this session. The Nikkah ceremony was interrupted because several people intruded on our privacy in an attempt to profit from our joyous event. My embarrassment was magnified by a factor of a million, just like any bride would be.”

In her defense, Shah said she never intended to “offend our culture” or disappoint anyone. “Many of the comments have been read by me. They keep going and going. Please know that I did not get married with the goal of offending our culture; if that is how others perceive it, then I deeply regret any disappointment I may have caused. “I’m going to sign out for a few days,” she wrote, “for the benefit of my mental health and to spend this precious time with my lovely husband and my new family, who is a treasure.” She went on to say that the experience had caused her to ponder if she was “cut for this work” “or not.

The Habs actor stated it wasn’t appropriate of her to direct animosity towards the blogger, even though what he did was wrong because that wasn’t how she was raised. She had been “mercilessly ridiculed and tormented” for the shade of red she wore, the type of clothing she wore, and the cosmetics she wore.

The shame I will feel after this doesn’t exceed the significance of saying sorry. Let me take this opportunity to openly apologise to AB Lakhany. I don’t want to start my new path with this on my conscience. Even if he didn’t ask me to,” she said in an Instagram Story.

Even if he had brought in a photographer without permission, the world would not have ended. So I had no business smearing him online. She continued, saying that several photographers “snuck” into the wedding and used the blogger as a scapegoat and that being a young bride and handling so much, having the nikah invaded by an unknown drone, and receiving hundreds of thousands of trolling messages took a toll on her.

Shah still deeply regrets her outburst. To think that I put my complaint out there for the world to see was a huge mistake. Really, I just needed a day off for my own sanity. The internet and its various social media platforms are a double-edged sword. The fantastic man I married, the wonderful family I joined, and the gorgeous wedding day we had. The overwhelming love we received is what truly matters. She pleaded with her followers to cease bullying the blogger and get back to wedding preparations.

In a second Instagram Story, Shah called out the photographer who took the “unflattering” wedding photos that were widely shared online. The actor became the target of widespread online harassment after the photographs surfaced.

She stated that she received “hundreds of thousands of messages” full of hate. She simply got married the way she wanted to. “I apologized to AB merely to save him from trolling. I am getting mercilessly ridiculed for getting married my way,” she said.

It’s unimaginably cruel. Please accept my apologies for wearing what I did and for trying to keep safe what was rightfully mine alone. In no way did I agree to be a part of this. I’m going to stop contributing to this story now,” Shah said.

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