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Nobody is an angel: Nida Yasir discusses Rabia Anum leaving her performance.

A well-known television personality expressed her displeasure with how the incident was handled.


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Actor Ahmad Ali Butt is the host of the Excuse Me Podcast, where renowned television personality Nida Yasir recently appeared. Yasir discussed a contentious event involving a guest leaving her show in front of Mohsin Abbas Haider during the frank discussion.

Nida freely identified the guest in question as Rabia Anum when Butt questioned her about the incident. “Was it planned?” the actor asked. Nida answered, “No, it wasn’t planned,” in response. “But don’t you think it was a huge disrespect that a person was invited to your show as a guest, for that person too?” Butt went on to share his thoughts on the topic. In actuality, it offends them both.”

Nida went into more detail about the situation, saying, “You see, what she actually meant was that she didn’t know who the other guest on the show was. When she got there in the morning, she found out. Since there is just one makeup room at ARY and they are not separated, if she had discovered this information in the morning in the cosmetics room, she ought to have contacted me at that time. She stayed silent with me.”

The TV personality said, “I think she spoke to my team about some discomfort—I mean, I was sitting on set,” expressing her displeasure with the way the incident was handled. She talked to my team about it because she felt uneasy, but not with me. She therefore had the opportunity to speak up behind the camera, just as she did when she arrived on site.” When Butt added his voice and called the situation “very rude,” Nida answered, “To tell you the truth, I’m a host.” Respecting individuals is my responsibility.”

“No one’s an angel,” she went on to say. We have no idea what people are doing at home. It’s not as though I would say, “You did this with your mom; you did this to your wife and daughter,” while they are seated after I extend an invitation to them. Now stand up. I have no business treating them that way. Since I’m the host, I owe everyone respect.”

Butt questioned Nida about politicians quitting politics to pursue acting in another podcast session. Nida retorted in jest, “A lot of politicians make excellent performers; they’re very beautiful and have a terrific camera angle. They have beautiful faces.” Nida joked, “And join acting?” in response to a question about a particular politician who ought to give up on politics. “Like Maryam Nawaz, I don’t think her father and husband will allow her entry into showbiz, but she’s beautiful,” she remarked, highlighting Maryam Nawaz’s attractiveness. According to Butt, “She’s been acting for so many years, she will get a drama.” Nida came to the conclusion, “I’m not sure. However, she is stunning and photogenic. And Sharmila Faruqi is quite beautiful.”

The first conversation started because Anum had left Yasir’s morning show to demonstrate support for victims of domestic abuse, even though Haider had been invited to go too. Videos of the live event went viral online, drawing praise for her prompt action from fans and celebrities alike. Despite the applause, many people also criticized her response. VJ Mathira suggested that Anum should have left “gracefully” in place of pleading for people to be given second opportunities. Actor Mishi Khan described Anum’s behavior as a “cringe move” that exemplified her “poor manners.” Anum gave some guidance in response to the current discussion on Twitter. The host emphasized that, despite being accused of abuse, she just took a “tiny bit” of action to “break the cycle” of the media continuing to support actors.

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