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Nine influential people’s 2023 viral moments, from Orry to Moye Moye


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Social media is a veritable jungle of talent and content. 2023 demonstrated the widespread effect and infectious nature of viral trends, notably in Pakistan and India. From empowering entrepreneurial narratives to dance sensations that sparked global crazes, from humorous expressions that found their way into everyday conversations to relatable moments that captivated audiences, an avalanche of diverse and captivating memes defined the year online.

It felt like every trend, meme, influencer, or viral moment had its own niche. Audiences repeated lines or hummed melodies. Here are 2023’s most distinctive and memorable digital masterpieces that made us laugh, cringe, or both:

Jasmine Kaur

Due to Jasmeen Kaur’s unique journey, “looking like a wow” became a fad. Deepika Padukone made this phrase popular, and Mukesh Ambani adopted it as a symbol of entrepreneurship empowerment. A self-made Indian woman Jasmeen has a modest Delhi boutique that sells shockingly bright kurta sets and colorful apparel. Her unique sales approach ruled in 2023.

The Shahanis

Shamarth Shahani, the “paani paani” youngster with the loud voice, went viral. He became famous with his family for his unusual voice, out-of-sync films, and touching words. From Ghorwal, Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh, their videos with overlap audio and over-the-top visual effects became addictive but annoying, with the “Paani Paani” video on February 7 being the turning point.

Moye Moye

Naeem Qureshi’s dance tutorial, “Dil Vich Tere Liye Time Kadke,” made She Don’t Know’s 2019 song a viral meme and dance fad in 2023. Influencers and fans quickly copied the dance anthem online. The song went viral, becoming a global cultural phenomenon.

Bhupendra Jogi

With his unusual origin narrative, Bhupendra Jogi became India’s most sought-after meme in 2023. The meme spread nationwide in October and November when a man hilariously answered a question using his own name in a 2018 interview.

Aditya Kumar

The ‘Aayein’ meme, which took its cue from an interview with sixth-grader Aditya Kumar from Bihar, humorously captured the iconic “what?” moment. When asked about his favorite topic, Aditya said ‘ayein’ and then ‘Baigan.’ Fans nationwide adopted the meme to show confusion or disbelief.

Aukat Dikha Di

The “Aukat Dikha Di” meme, which takes its inspiration from a Tamil movie scene, makes fun of someone’s actual talent or status. On social media, Suriya’s character approaching parliament and smiling with a hand on his shoulder was hilarious.

Rakhi Sawant

The reality star has always been relevant, but 2023 was her best and worst year. From a public split to more public feuds, the actress expressed her grief and became a meme.


He’s a liver. Everyone knows Orhan Awatramani as Orry, but no one knows what he does. This mysterious, soft-spoken, zen-natured influencer emerged from Bollywood gatherings and became one of the internet’s most talked-about personalities. His Bigg Boss antics drove him into the spotlight, and Orry is here to stay.

The year 2023 was full of various and inventive memes that mirrored the lively online culture of India. These memes entertained and changed the digital world with uplifting stories, catchy dancing routines, and hilarious sentiments.

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