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Nadia Khan explains why she didn’t let her daughter get into show business since women don’t have careers by the time they’re 40.

Nadia Khan explains why she did not encourage her daughter to pursue a career in show business because she believes that by the time women reach their forties, they have no prospects.


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Actress and talk show host Nadia Khan explained why she discouraged her daughter Alizeh from following in her footsteps when Alizeh expressed an interest in the entertainment industry. Nadia emphasized her opinion that women over a certain age have no place in the entertainment sector. Therefore, she prefers that her daughter look into more fulfilling work options.

Alizeh, who is presently attending university in Canada, and her mother Nadia spoke on Nida Yasir’s Good Morning Pakistan when Alizeh said that her mother had forbidden her from pursuing a career in show business. Nadia, who is concerned about her daughter’s future, explained why she did not permit her to do so at the moment.

She mentioned the job’s insecurity, volatility, and age restriction as major factors. I strongly advised her to avoid a career in the entertainment industry. She went through a period where she soaked up television in pursuit of a career in acting. Abdullah Seja even wrote a script, especially for her. Nadia first felt a drama would help dissuade her sister’s planned move to Canada, but now she has second thoughts about the strategy.

I don’t want my kids involved in the entertainment industry. It’s a tense and unpredictable time. Men reach their peak in their forties, but women’s prime ends at that point. I explained to her that women in the entertainment industry are not allowed to take time off for family or marriage. “If you disappear, people will forget about you, and the media will stop talking about you,” Nadia said.

By the time she’s 40 and well-established, I want her to have a career that brings her respect, money, and opportunities. Once you make it big in the entertainment industry, “your career is almost over,” she said.

Alizeh continued by saying that she agreed with her mother’s assessment. Realized that she was merely enamored by the glitz and glamour and not “insanely passionate” about it. If I’d been truly passionate about it, my mother would have understood. But since I wasn’t, I stopped caring.

While other parents might be concerned about their son’s (14-year-old) interest in the field, Nadia is not. I have requested that he create a profile. There’s no gender bias here; I just worry more about the safety of my kids. Parents simply are. Azaan has been discussing the possibility of playing professionally.

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