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My heart aches for you. Sajal Aly celebrates Sridevi’s 60th birthday with a tribute.

An actorSajal Aly eulogized the late Bollywood actress Siridevi while Google gave its own artistic homage to her.


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On the day that the late actor Sridevi would have turned 60, her on-screen daughter Sajal Aly came to Instagram Stories to share birthday wishes.

Sridevi was depicted in a close-up wearing a bright yellow sari and a bindi on her forehead in the Story. The still was taken from the music video for Sridevi and Rishi Kapoor’s hit single “Mitwa,” which appeared in the film Chandni. She wished you a happy birthday along with the photo. The words “I miss you”

Sajal chose to play the song, which was originally performed by the late, great Lata Mangeshkar. The comment was meant as a celebration of the life and career of the late Bollywood icon. With lines like “Tere mere honthon pe, meethe meethe geet mitwa, aagay aagay chalay hum, peeche peeche preet mitwa,” “Mitwa” from the film Chandni became an instant classic.

On the set of the film Mom, in which Sridevi played Sajal’s stepmother, the two became very close. In the film, Sridevi’s character seeks retribution when her stepdaughter is raped by a bunch of men.

Google, a multinational technology corporation and the world’s most popular search engine, also paid tribute to Sridevi on her birthday by showing a stunning portrait of the actress as the homepage’s featured image. For 24 hours, the Google logo featured a colorful illustration by Indian artist Bhumika Mukherjee. The late diva was depicted in a classic dancing posture, with henna on her hands and gold bangles dangling from her wrists, and her alluring eyes were well portrayed in the image.

Sridevi drowned on February 24, 2018, in her hotel room at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The lady was 54 years old at the time. Her daughters, Janhvi and Khushi, as well as her husband, the film producer Boney Kapoor, will miss her greatly.

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