Mr Sushant G Jagare is the Owner of AMETHHYYST lounge at just 25 & ideal of success to all the youngsters

at Veera Desai Road, Andheri West, Mumbai.


Chilling and partying candidates have now got a platform to spend a wonderful time with their loved ones. This platform is known as AMETHHYYST lounge bar which is situated at Veera Desai Road, Andheri West, Mumbai.

Locating the core business at this heart of the city needs a really strong mindset and skilled entrepreneur qualities which Mr.Sushant G jagare has.

His strong forecasting power and creative mindset of being an entrepreneur have brought him to this next level career in the hospitality industry.

“Sushant is highly skilled in all the aspects needed for an entrepreneur. The important and noticeable point is, he has achieved this at the age of just 25!”

How powerful this young man would be, as this particular step needs a lot of courage which includes taking a huge risk too.

Sushant is the owner as well as the founder of AMETHHYYST lounge bar which is well created by German technology by madrix.

This creative place with an attractive ambiance provides not only hard and soft drinks but also serves visitors finger-licking happiness with its magical variety in cuisines.

Sushant’s has not only started this venture but also has achieved success out of the country by starting outlets in Dubai too!!

Heal this young man, having the power of taking a heavy risk which has lead to this successful achievement.

AMETHYST lounge bar is spread around 4200 square feet and attracts visitors by its mesmerizing lightings and colorful ambiance.Sushant has played great with a step of success in the hospitality industry where people just stay with ideas whereas Sushant has achieved it.

AMETHYST lounge bar is not only famous for its location and ambiance but also known for is founder Sushant who is truely a person with benevolent and professional behaviour towards business life.

Sushant G Jabare is felicitated with times hospitality icons- “AMETHHYYST lounge bar” awarded with Mumbai achiever’s award 2020- EMERGING NIGHT CLUB OF THE YEAR, as a covid warrior from brihanmumbai municipal corporation and AVGSS hospitality and restaurant LLP.

There are more outlets coming in Mumbai and in others cities , mentioned by Mr.Sushant.
He is an entrepreneur full of a conceptually business-oriented mindset and skilled workers with him. AMETHYST will be soon ruling the entire Mumbai for its services and loving environment.

A step towards ruling a city like Mumbai by entering into hospitality industry is really a mind-blowing and fascinating step by Mr. Sushant .G Jabare.