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Men should understand that love encompasses supporting the aspirations of their beloved, as emphasized by Hamza Ali Abbasi.

In his latest venture, Hamza expresses gratitude towards his co-stars and writers, highlighting the warmth and excellence of their collaboration.


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Equipped with intellect and striking charm, Hamza Ali Abbasi is a familiar face on screen, notably in “The Legend of Maula Jutt.” His return to television after five years in “Jaan-e-Jahan,” released in December 2023, showcases his remarkable portrayal of Shahram.

Reflecting on his role during an interview with Next Level Backstage, Hamza lauds Shahram’s positive demeanor, emphasizing the importance of portraying love as supportive of one’s partner’s dreams and aspirations, serving as a model for society.

While acknowledging the complexity of the narrative, Hamza praises the writers for intricately crafting multiple storylines that converge seamlessly.

One poignant scene, where Shahram confronts his father’s demise, stands out for Hamza, showcasing his ability to evoke raw emotion and vulnerability on screen.

Despite his dedication to his craft, Hamza admits to being the most relaxed among the cast, a characteristic that contributes to the harmonious atmosphere on set.

With a cohesive team of writers and a congenial cast, Hamza expresses optimism that audiences will appreciate “Jaan-e-Jahan” as much as he does, describing it as a compelling package.

Hamza’s endorsement leaves little doubt regarding the quality of the production, ensuring anticipation for its reception among viewers.

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