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Mehwish Hayat, Ali Rehman Khan, and Momin Saqib to Light Up the Big Screen in ‘Daghabaaz Dil’.

This year's Eid ul Fitr will see the release of director Wajahat Rauf's next feature.


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In 2024, cinematic delights like Daghabaaz Dil, starring Wajahat Rauf, will be available to audiences. Three famous Pakistanis—Momin Saqib, Ali Rehman Khan, and Mehwish Hayat—are going to be in one film together. Director Wajahat Rauf made the announcement with an enthusiastic Instagram photo of himself having breakfast with most of his main cast members (except Saqib).

All three of his main cast members have worked with Rauf before: Hayat in his 2019 directing feature Chhalawa, Khan in his 2022 film Parde Mein Rehne Do, and Saqib in Rauf’s highly acclaimed 2020 drama series Raqs-e-Bismil. Rauf is also famous for hosting the popular web talk show Voice Over Man.

With much enthusiasm, Rauf proclaimed Daghabaaz Dil his “Film #5” in the post’s caption and went on to announce the film’s premiere for Eid ul Fitr, 2024. “Had to wake up early today, excuse the face,” the director-turned-actor said as a “post-script” to his caption, which he included to lend a lighthearted tone.

Not only is Rauf a talented director, but the picture also features Mohsin Ali as a writer and Badar Ikram, Shazia Wajahat, and Rauf as producers. Titled “Daghabaaz Dil,” the film candidly examines human connections while hinting at a romance; however, the specifics of the plot are still unknown. Audiences should expect a wild ride of emotions and laughter with such a fantastic group.

Rauf got into trouble last year with his drama series Hadsa after a motorway rape survivor apparently complained that Hadiqa Kiani portrayed her life onscreen in a way that ignored her sentiments. Taskeen, played by Kiani, is another victim of a horrific crime in Hadsa, and the plot centers on her fight for justice.

When journalist Fereeha Idrees went to X to talk about a disturbing conversation she had with Z, the real-life survivor of the highway accident, the revelation that Z had never consented to the production of such a serial based on her life, let alone having to relive it while watching the show, cast doubt on the serial.

Responding, Rauf argued that although there was some similarity in the series (it too had an incident on a highway), the rest of the plot and characters were fiction. This drama had nothing to do with the car crash. “The fact that the incident happened on a highway is the only thing that is common,” Wajahat pointed out.

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