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Meesha Shafi Recently launched Her New Single, “Rajkumari” on International Women’s Day.

On Women's Day, Meesha Shafi released "Femme Anthem."


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‘Rajkumari’, a new song by Gal Sun, was released to commemorate the occasion with her admirers. The song is a celebration of women as queens.

Beginning with the introduction of a Rajkumari, or queen, this song tells a tale. We then watch in awe as she rises to power and her crown becomes the center of attention. There are ferocious exchanges and a deeper message in the blend of English and Urdu songs.

It seems that the heavenly feminity of art director Hashim Ali is about owning both your darkness and your brightness.

Meesha Shafi plays the Queen of Hearts in the music video. The music video, directed by Awais Gohar, features ladies from various backgrounds. We need to rethink “strength” in order to appreciate how powerful women may be on their own terms.

Pregnant women, disabled people, and transwomen are all included. The song is a homage to all women, especially those who have been disadvantaged in society in different ways.

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