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Media outlets can be quite cruel. Meghan Markle’s perseverance has been praised by Ushna Shah.

One of the actors gives her thoughts on the six-part documentary "Harry & Meghan."


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The viral hit documentary Harry & Meghan: Here We Go Again on Netflix has left an impression on viewers not simply because of the shocking information it revealed about the royal institution but also because of the terrible effects of paparazzi culture and clickbait journalism.

There’s a scene in the six-part documentary series where Meghan blasts Buckingham Palace for keeping quiet while she’s subjected to relentless online harassment and tabloid smears. She remarked, “I wasn’t being thrown to the wolves; I was being fed to the wolves,” referring to the UK press as predators.

Many people, including Pakistani celebrities, were moved by the tragic tale of the royal couple. Ushna Shah, an actor, and activist took to Twitter to praise Meghan for standing up to the alleged assault.

“The Netflix series Harry and Megan was a must-have.” Meghan endured an extreme level of media cruelty that most of us can’t even understand. “My deepest sympathies go out to that strong, smart, kind, and lovely lady,” the Habs actor remarked.

Khadijah Shah, creator and creative director of Pakistan’s top luxury brand, Elan, made the comparison between the press in the United Kingdom and Pakistan in another article, arguing that both countries’ news outlets malign people for ulterior motives.

“The documentary Meghan and Harry: A Royal Love Story is Netflix’s most anticipated original release of the year.” It was a smashing success. It’s clear now, much like the Pakistani media, that the couple was smeared for political reasons. “Her words,”

The documentary series about Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, has been Netflix’s most-watched documentary launch ever.

According to Netflix, Harry and Meghan were watched for an astounding 81,55 million hours in the first four days after their debut.

A press release about the week that ended on December 11 said that this documentary series had “the most hours of viewing of any documentary series in its first week.”

The first series to be produced by the Sussexes under a commercial arrangement with Netflix was directed by Oscar contender Liz Garbus. Another show from the pair’s production firm, Archewell Productions’ Heart of Invictus, will debut on Netflix in 2023.

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