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Kareena Kapoor was the initial choice for Shoaib Mansoor’s ‘Verna’, reveals actor.

During an interview, actor and singer Haroon Shahid disclosed that the renowned Bollywood superstar was the director's first choice for the female lead in his debut film, 'Verna'.


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During an interview on Life Green Hai, actor and singer Haroon Shahid shared insights into his career, disclosing that director Shoaib Mansoor had originally intended to cast Bollywood superstar Kareena Kapoor as the female lead in his debut film, ‘Verna’.

“Shoaib had mentioned Kareena for the role,” recalled Haroon, who had transitioned from television dramas to his first film role as Aaami in ‘Verna’. Excited at the prospect of working with Kapoor, Haroon readily accepted the offer. However, Kareena’s unavailability, allegedly due to her pregnancy, led to her being unable to take on the role.

“Kareena was supposed to be in the film, but then she was expecting, so she couldn’t do it,” explained Haroon. “So then they brought Mahira into the film.”

Given Kareena’s pregnancy in 2016, coinciding with the production phase of ‘Verna’, Mahira Khan ultimately stepped into the lead female role, portraying Sara in the film.

Released in 2017, ‘Verna’, Shoaib Mansoor’s third film, delves into dark themes, following a woman’s quest for justice after facing abduction and rape, and the ensuing impact on her relationships. While it remains uncertain whether Kareena’s presence could have influenced the film’s reception, Mahira Khan’s portrayal garnered acclaim in the Pakistani production.

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