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Kangana Ranaut Joins Twitter and Share her thoughts

People took advantage of my absence from social media


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Kangana Ranaut has always been very vocal about issues that are close to her heart. The Panga star has always been no filters attached as witnessed by her recent statements pertaining to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case. Hence, Ranaut has decided to become a more prominent presence on social media to use it as a tool to put across her point of views regarding social and unjust issues. Taking to Twitter, Kangana tweeted a video of herself announcing her entry on social media while confessing why she made the decision to do so.

The 33-year-actress began by acknowledging how she’s been in the industry for around 15 years and counting while being pressurised on many occasions to join social media like other celebrities. Ranaut noted that ad agencies and brands are aware that there were several instances where she had crores worth of deal which had one clause; join social media. However, she let go of them. Kangana also stated how she’s been called a chudail with twisted legs and that people took advantage of her absence from social media. However, Ranaut still didn’t come on social media because she never felt that distance from her audience while also sharing that if she had something to say, why should she do it in a rudimentary way.


Kangana believes that through her films, she’s imparted awareness on women issues and nationalism and wanted to put these points across in an artistic manner because she’s an artist. That used to be the actress’ initial perspective. But, that changed in 2020 when she got to see the power of social media. The actress saw how the nation came together to fight for Sushant Singh Rajput while also succeeding to do so. Because of this movement, Ranaut is hopeful that we can now raise our voice when it comes to New India reforms. This is why Kangana has come on Twitter for the first time admitting that she’s so excited.

Ranaut wants her fans’ well-wishes and is looking forward to this journey where she gets to know many amazing people. For Kangana, it’s the beginning of a new relationship and she’s looking forward to a great time being on Twitter. Ranaut signed off with a namaste.

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