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Javed Akhtar made Comments over the years about Pakistan.


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The Indian playwright Javed Akhtar has been against the Pakistani government and its policies for a long time. The poet’s appearance at Lahore’s 7th annual Faiz Festival has been widely discussed online.

His controversial comments about the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attacks’ perpetrators being free to move around in Pakistan have upset many people, even though he has said he loves the famous Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz and that he respects all languages. The scriptwriter, however, has a history of making offensive remarks about Pakistan.

Commentary by Javed Akhtar on the Uri Bombings

According to an interview Akhtar gave to Times Now in 2016, Pakistani actors have remained silent about the Uri attack because they believe Pakistan is to blame. The artist, who is 78 years old, told Times Now that Pakistani actors’ silence is a confession that their country is to blame. “This is the bare minimum they (actors) can do.”

He continued, “Even if Pakistan claims “we are not responsible for it” (the Uri attack). I do not see why Pakistani artists or any Pakistani citizen would not condemn Uri and other acts of terrorism.” In light of their claim that we bear no responsibility for it, I think it’s great that they’re finally speaking out against it. If Pakistani stays silent about it, it means they agree with our assessment that Pakistan is to blame.

The Pulwama Attack:

Due to the Pulwama attack in 2019, the Arts Council had to cancel an event honoring poet Kaifi Azmi, to which Akhtar and his wife, the famous Indian actor Shabana Azmi, were invited. A social media post by Akhtar at the time revealed his withdrawal from the festival.

He tweeted, “Artists from all over Pakistan were invited by the Karachi Art Council.” Shabana and I will be attending a two-day literature conference centered on the works of Kaifi Azmi’s poetry. Kaifi saheb penned the poem “Aur Phir Krishna Ne Arjun Se Kaha” in 1965, at the height of the Indo-Pakistani conflict.

Moreover, he blasted ex-prime minister Imran Khan for blaming the attack on another party. The tweet from Javed Akhtar read, “Imran has thrown a no-ball.” Each time they inquire as to why you attribute it to us, we must answer: In the wake of the Mumbai terrorist attack, a Pakistani news anchor questioned my certainty that Pakistan was responsible. So I said, “Okay, here are three countries; pick one.” Argentina, Chile, and Colombia; Brazil, Sweden, and Pakistan;

Regarding the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, Akhtar

Over the years, Akhtar has been very vocal on Twitter about how much he dislikes the Pakistani government. He has tweeted many times about different events. The writer of the lyrics for Jee Le Zara recently said that Indians have catered many events with Pakistani artists like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Mehdi Hassan, but Pakistan has never hosted Lata Mangeshkar.

They shouldn’t be laying blame at each other’s feet, he added. But he went on, “That won’t resolve issues.” Current political tensions must ease. I was born and raised in Mumbai, and my entire family saw the terrorist attack unfold. In this case, the perpetrators were neither Norwegians nor Egyptians.

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