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Israeli celebrity Eve Cohen’s video ridiculing Palestinian mothers on TikTok has gone viral.

Due to the Israeli embargo, around 50,000 pregnant women in Gaza do not have access to medical treatment.


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Israeli SFX artist and influencer Eve Cohen caused a firestorm with a sarcastic video in which she accused Palestinians trapped in the constant bombing in Gaza of fakery. In the video, Cohen has the influencer wear a keffiyeh and make what appear to be ‘battle debris’ and blood out of commonplace materials like talcum powder and tomato ketchup.

The film begins with the SFX artist pretending to be a Palestinian mother holding a melon like a child and pleading for aid before the scene is “cut.” Further evidence that the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza is fabricated is shown by a clip in which Cohen is seen using cosmetics to create bruises while camera equipment is set up behind her.

Cohen was roundly criticized by Internet users, who accused her of being indifferent to the gravity of the situation between Israel and Palestine. Asking, “Is Palestinian genocide the new source of Israeli comedy or something?” According to one X user, “This is an example of the anti-Palestinian racist conspiracy theory of ‘pallywood,’ in which some zionists argue that Palestinians manipulate media by ‘faking suffering.'” This theory, which should come as no surprise, shares many similarities with anti-Semitic clichés. This says a lot about the people who support Israel.

For example, one user wrote, “Israeli TikTok is really giving us a glimpse into what kind of TikToks the wives of SS officers would have made about their great grandparents.” Take note of these people because when the Palestinians triumph, these people will try to act as if they never mocked them,” said another user. Keep this woman constantly reminded of what she did while others died.

Another person pointed out: “This is exactly how the Nazis dehumanized Jews during World War II, albeit in a different style (posters, etc.). One commentator made the analogy between the current pattern of Israeli influencers disregarding the Palestinian cause and the troll replies to the Depp v. Heard trial: “The parallels with the Depp trial are absolutely driving me nuts, and this time, it’s harming a whole people. Why can’t we all just get along?

Another source of digital stress while the crisis in Gaza drags on

venues as rumors of widespread disinformation and propaganda trolls circulate. Noya Cohen, another Israeli influencer, recently posted a “get ready with me” TikTok in which she mocked Palestinian women by applying cosmetics strewn with debris from the conflict.

The latest Israeli military operation has murdered almost 4000 Palestinians. About 50,000 Palestinian women who are pregnant and living in the besieged Gaza Strip have been unable to access prenatal care since the violence escalated this month, according to the United Nations. With almost 5,000 expecting births this month, there has been a heightened appeal for humanitarian relief and a truce.

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