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Instagram gets its hands on Zahid Ahmed as he takes a stand against ‘terrorism’ in a post that gets removed.

The actor lamented online censorship.


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Zahid Ahmed takes Instagram’s censoring seriously.

The Mere Ban Jao actor was upset when the photo-sharing app erased his post regarding the “real face of terrorism.”.

On Thursday, Ahmed said, “I never thought I would witness it myself, but Instagram has removed my last post about the faces of [Benjamin] Netanyahu, Rishi Sunak, and Joe Biden being the real terrorists.” Angry, he said, “To hell with you, Instagram.” I will love to see you burn in hell on judgment day.”

Zahid’s deleted post is still live on Facebook. This highly shared social media post contrasts terrorists as bearded men in turbans wearing shalwar kameez with people in suits who make the decisions.

The post calls Netanyahu, Sunak, and Biden “terrorists” as Israel bombs Gaza, killing hundreds of civilians in their supposed battle against Hamas.

Zahid’s recent post has drawn praise and criticism. Multiple users have reported being shadow-banned, limited, or filtered by the app.

“My dear, your unnecessary statements on Kashmir and the recent Israel-Hamas war are losing you tens of thousands of fans in India and elsewhere. One of the best actors. Avoid overstepping your field, a user said. “People are cursing Instagram; it’s better to leave this app,” said another.

“Your post was removed, and my account was suspended for 24 hours for commenting on Facebook’s Palestine restrictions. I didn’t curse or swear. They suspended my account, a person said. “I knew it would happen. So I screenshotted. The video I posted yesterday was about boycotting Zara and other brands. Another claimed they were warned about their accounts.

I considered it when I couldn’t view the post, a person said. Instagram deletes Palestine-supporting accounts. @sheikhassimalhakeem was shadow-banned and issued multiple notices for expressing an opinion. It shows western hegemony.”

The terrible propaganda system is trying to silence the truth, a fan told the actor. Continue posting and more!”

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