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In the wake of the announcement that Sana Javed is married to Shoaib Malik, the internet has rallied behind Sania Mirza.

The announcement has not gone down well with the former tennis player's fan base.


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A shocking twist occurred when actor Sana Javed and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik exchanged vows in a small ceremony. After sharing two touching photos from their wedding ceremony, the happy couple made the announcement on social media. A simple caption reading “Alhamdullilah,” followed by the verse “And we created you in pairs,” accompanied the post.

The couple, who are both dressed exquisitely, embrace one another and exude an air of joy and affection. This shocking discovery has generated a lot of buzz and is making the rounds on social media. This news has caught many people unaware. Fans and followers were shocked when Shoaib, who was previously married to Indian tennis star Sania Mirza, and Sana, who was married to musician Umair Jaswal, made the revelation suddenly on Saturday morning. Because of this, Sania’s admirers aren’t happy about the news.v

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