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In “Meray Paas Tum Ho,” I played a role of good and honest guy: Adnan Siddiqui


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Veteran actor Adnan Siddiqui is known for his unvarnished opinions on the entertainment industry as much as his spectacular performances. This week, on The Mirza Malik Show, Adnan Siddiqui talked about how Pakistani shows are the most popular in South Asia.

The Mom actor attributed his triumph to Meray Pass Tum Ho. “That drama affected my whole career,” he said. “I was told that they had my name in mind from the outset, even though the script was finalized six years earlier. I’ve been lauded as a villain. I wasn’t a villain, but a man who told the woman in his life the truth. However, that role helped me.

He corrected Sania Mirza when she labeled Meray Pass Tum Ho a drama ahead of its time. “It’s not ahead of its time because these things happen in our culture.” Pakistani dramas are like Indian films—they’re great, but we can’t compete. Since “Dum Mastam Star,” Pakistan Television (PTV) has set a standard that no one has surpassed.

After the hosts showed a selfie of Adnan Siddiqui in front of a big fire, everyone laughed. The Ye Dil Mera actor added that this picture, which became a meme on social media, has a deeper message.

“Our customs officials seize illegal booze and drugs.” They burn whatever they collect. I photographed them burning hash and cocaine.

He then explained why he uploaded such a photo online. “I posted the selfie to express my patriotism.” Why? Pakistan’s survival. I want to keep kids off drugs. People found it different. I took the photo with my own camera, so I kept the rights, and it became popular on social media. It’s a blessing in disguise.

The experienced actor disclosed surprising fraternity facts. “What is the one thing you see in a person before casting new talent?” one host asked. He said honestly, “New talent is bundled.” In many publications, looks—including voice, behavior, and appearance—determine 95% of talent. “4% is luck, and 1% is acting.” Adnan Siddiqui then agreed with this checklist. “I agree and hope people have everything.” I cast women without thinking “joked.”

If he could collaborate with one actor, said he would select Iqra Aziz. “If I name a younger actor, people will trash me online for being so old and wanting to work with younger women.” Iqra Aziz is attractive, so I’d like to work with her.

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