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“If I were like Mubashira in real life,” Ayeza Khan adds, referring to her situation on “The House.”

The actress addressed up about 'Mein'


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Famous Pakistani actress Ayeza Khan recently opened up about how her roles in films and TV shows shape who she is, focusing on her portrayal of Mubashira Jaffer in the drama Mein. Ayeza discussed the difficulties of portraying a persona with such a glaring difference from her real self in a video that Murtaza Ali Shah posted to her YouTube channel.

The character’s aggressiveness was something Ayeza was aware of, and she joked that she could never be that forceful in real life. She drew attention to the dissimilarity between Mubashira’s fearlessness and her own character, saying that she would never abide such hostility in her own life.

Ayeza gave an intriguing glimpse into the workings of her private life when she said that her actor husband, Danish Taimoor, is essential in helping her distinguish between her onscreen persona and her actual self. “Had my husband not been an actor, he may not have known when I was Mubashira and when I was Ayeza,” she initially joked. But she said, “In actuality, I am not Mubashira; indeed, I fear expulsion from the house.”

The celebrity revealed a hilarious story about her son’s reaction to the ads. “When the promo came out, I was all, ‘I’m perfect.’ My son, though, was all, ‘You said it so angrily.'” I was thrilled to see myself on screen, but he was not. I mean, you’re not mad at me, are you? He has never seen me that enraged; he was frightened. Showing how an on-screen role may affect people closest to the actor, this occurrence gave fans a rare look into Ayeza’s son, seeing her play a more serious part.

She went on to say that she keeps her on-screen identity separate from her real life and that she never takes her personality home with her. Ayeza stressed that she remains completely herself, unattached to the roles she plays, as soon as she changes out of her costumes and back into her everyday clothes. According to the actor, “I become Ayeza again” whenever he changes into his attire.

Ayeza plays the role of Mubashira, a person who defies societal conventions, in Mein. Mubashira, as the courageous heroine, becomes an icon of rebellion, shaking up the world around her while changing the course of events for everyone she meets. As Mubashira bravely and resolutely asserts her uniqueness in the face of a world that demands uniformity, Ayeza’s performance enriches the character and brings her complicated path to life.

Therefore, we can see the difficulties and subtleties of maintaining a balance between our real-life identities and our on-screen personas through Ayeza’s honest observations. The actor expertly walks the line between acting and real life, demonstrating her range by playing a wide range of roles while keeping her own identity separate from her onscreen image.

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