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I try to find faults in myself even if there aren’t many: Arjun Kapoor


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Sipping a warm cuppa in a cosy couch, Arjun Kapoor settles down for a heart to heart conversation with us. He tells us that with every film of his, nervousness and self-criticism comes quite naturally to him. 2020 is his 10th year in the film industry as an actor and though he was accustomed to the glitz and glamour, it is now that Arjun feels more comfortable in the industry because his friends are from the same fraternity. We talked about his film and more. Excerpts…

“I have been in and out of the film industry because of my parents, so I am used to of scrutiny of my personal life; it and it never gets to me, I have learned the art to bargain out of it when I chose to. So I have to embrace what comes with the territory.

Some people think I am a loner by nature but I have a selective bunch of friends and they happen to be from the industry, whether it is Ranveer, Ranbir or Varun, so main dur bhagna bhi chahu toh kitna bhagu industry se.” In the past, Arjun was never such an optimist in life. He went through his ups and downs. “With every film on mine, I get nervous and think whether I will fulfill my own expectations.

I judge myself a lot and that’s my nature. I try to find faults in myself even if there aren’t many. I am quite a realist by nature. I am not an internal optimist and I never try to live in the delusion that I am perfect. I always try and find ways to get evolve and get better, so every film for me is an understanding of where I am going wrong.

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