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His intellect ought to be sharp. The perfect life companion, according to Yumna Zaidi

The actor insisted that she will only know how he looks once she sees him.


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Finding love in the dazzling limelight, with all the paparazzi and loving admirers around, can be a real challenge for famous people. Yumna Zaidi is a famous actor whose admirers are eager for him to discover love. Nayab, a forthcoming cricket film starring a prominent television star, is her much-awaited cinematic debut, but the actress is taking her time finding love.

Yumna shared with talk show host Vasay Chaudhry the few basic but essential traits she hopes to find in a life partner during an appearance on the show. He has to be clever, sharp-witted, and a kind guy at heart, the Parizaad actor said.

She emphasized the significance of “good companionship,” drawing attention to the paradoxical aspect of the term, as one can only assess the necessity of such a requirement by spending time with another person.

Yumna has made it plain that her potential life partner’s physical attractiveness must meet her exacting standards. But the celebrity claims nobody ever asked her what she wanted. “When I see, then I will know,” she continued.

Yumna previously discussed her hopes for finding the one in an interview with host Nida Yasir, where she was forthright about the many marriage offers she gets on a regular basis.

“I think those proposals go to my mother; they don’t come to me directly.” Yumna modestly redirected the praise, even though she was the center of attention. The performer expressed her gratitude for the genuine support she receives from fans, but she also admitted to feeling nervous about the subject.

People like me because of my personality, and I’m grateful for their genuine affection and support. She went on to admit that she feels apprehensive about answering the question, revealing her reserved nature when it comes to personal topics.

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