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Hareem Shah leaked her own videos for popularity, According to TikToker’s pal.

Sundal Khattak has said that he will sue Shah for slander because he has made "false" accusations against her.


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TikToker Hareem Shah said that her friends Sundal Khattak and Ayesha Naz were responsible for the release of her private recordings. Then Khattak finally spoke up, saying that Shah intentionally damaged her career and image by exposing her own films.

Sundal Khattak told a local newspaper that Hareem Shah should press charges against her pals if the claims were true and that she was innocent of all wrongdoing. I don’t understand why she hasn’t reported this to the FIA yet. Having her join us in this seems like a bad idea. She said, “She should sue me or Ayesha or her boyfriend.

Sundal Khattak also said that she would sue Shah for slandering her if Hareem Shah didn’t charge her with theft and invasion of privacy.

First, Hareem claimed her boyfriend shot the recordings, but now she says her husband did it. She said her phone was compromised, but iCloud is hack-proof. It’s just another video of Hareem’s getting leaked, right?

Sundal Khattak said that Hareem Shah owed her money that he never paid back. This led to an argument and the end of their friendship. In the end, she said, “I did not take my money back and severed our connection,” adding that. She believes Hareem Shah “leaked” her own video for “fame” and is accusing others to seek sympathy.

Hareem Shah made a public statement this week after some of her personal videos were posted online and quickly went viral. In a new video, Shah reveals that the women she considered friends ‘leaked’ the aforementioned tapes.

She said that Sundal Khattak and Naz, who used to live with her, are behind the online sensations. We used to spend a lot of time together and even shared a house for a while. She continued, “Of course, they had my passwords and could get into my phone.

She went on to tell us that she had reported Naz to the FBI for wrongdoing. She avoided disciplinary action from the FIA, but I was skeptical. “Ayesha has told all of my friends that she plans to expose my videos,” Shah claimed. “But I don’t really care about these movies.”

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