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Hamza Ali Abbasi Slams Item Number Songs: “They Need to Go”

Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi's strong stance against item number songs sparks a debate online. Learn why he opposes the inclusion of sexually suggestive content in music and how his views are reshaping the industry's conversation.


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A resurfaced video featuring Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi condemning item number songs has reignited a fervent discussion in the entertainment sphere. Abbasi, alongside fellow actors Hania Aamir and Ahad Raza Mir, expresses his vehement opposition to the inclusion of sexually suggestive lyrics and attire in music videos.

“I don’t support item numbers,” Abbasi asserts in the video, drawing a clear line between what constitutes an item number and what qualifies as music. His impassioned plea for a shift away from explicit sexual content resonates with many viewers who are increasingly critical of such representations in popular media.

Abbasi’s critique extends beyond the content itself to the broader cultural dialogue surrounding these songs. He highlights the ambiguity between what is deemed “vulgar” versus “hot and sexy,” challenging the industry to confront these blurred lines head-on. Moreover, he critiques the sensationalist nature of talk shows that often reduce complex issues to superficial debates.

As the conversation unfolds, Abbasi’s unwavering stance prompts reflection on the societal norms perpetuated by item number songs and their impact on broader cultural attitudes. His refusal to accept the status quo signals a growing movement within the entertainment industry to prioritize substance over sensationalism.

With Abbasi’s words resonating across social media platforms, the debate surrounding item number songs has gained newfound urgency. As audiences and industry insiders alike grapple with his compelling arguments, the path forward for Pakistani music and cinema is being reshaped by voices like Abbasi’s, advocating for change and accountability.

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