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‘Grossed out’ by Naumaan Ijaz, Meesha Shafi, among others, lend support to Ayesha Omar


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Naumaan Ijaz’s unpleasant questions to actor Ayesha Omar during a recent sit-down interview on his talk program G Sarkar have prompted an outpouring of solidarity from her fellow fraternity members, who feel just as belittled by Naumaan’s intrusiveness.

People including Meesha Shafi, Mahen Khan and a PR person voiced their dissatisfaction with the tone used while speaking with Naumaan, who was described as rude and condescending by several. Fans of Karachi Se Lahore actor Naumaan also backed the celebrity while calling him out for “victim blaming”.

As Meesha said on Niche Lifestyle’s Instagram post, “I’m proud of you and so sad you and all other victims of harassment and worse, had to go through this foolish speech. It’s a huge issue, to put it mildly.

There was a remark from Frieha beneath the same post that “Most people in Pakistan feel that the victim of sexual harassment, rape, or domestic violence should simply shut up.” This is the vast majority of us. This is the end of the beginning. As long as you don’t utter a single word, you’ll be OK. The event has already occurred, so what’s the point of discussing it now? “The story has to be rewritten!”

A victim or survivor may speak whenever they are ready, she said. “Therapists say it might take years. It’s Naumaan’s way of life to be quiet and not talk. Ayesha, don’t be afraid to be who you are. “This is the vast majority of our culture.” Frieha continued, “Sexual harassment is a significant problem. It’s important to raise awareness.” When we disparage someone who has the bravery to speak up, it is to our own disgrace!”

‘Shame on Naumaan’ was the hashtag Maheen used to share Frieha’s statement “Mr Naumaan is an embarrassment to his family’s reputation. Using Ayesha Omar as a publicity stunt is shameful.” “Ayesha, he’s not worth your time,” she said to Ayesha. You acted like a professional because you’re a professional. Compared to him, you’re a level above him.”

On Instagram Stories, Ayesha also posted photos of her family and friends praising her bravery. To one of the comments, she said, “Finally got the confidence to speak out.”. Bulbulay actress Ayesha responded to a well-wisher who said, “So proud of you Ayesha, always holding your own.” Thank you for always providing me the greatest advise, and I appreciate your love.”

Naumaan’s arrogant questions on television made Ayesha feel awkward. According to a recently circulated episode footage, the veteran tells Bulbulay star that she is known to “create conflicts” before questioning her whether she does it “intentionally. ” He then tells her that he doesn’t want her to relive her prior traumas “for the sake of fame,” alluding to her harassment experience.

Starting with “Kabhi your bold shots are going to be fired, some of your remarks are going to be dedetailed.” You don’t have to speak about anything you went through in the past simply because you saw someone else do it. At the risk of jeopardizing your reputation.”

As for why it had to be done, he boldly says, “Aesi kya zarurat parh jati hai?” As a result of being honest, do you believe you have gained a great deal of respect and admiration? In the end, even after adamantly stating that she didn’t do anything to get fame and that she just came out with her testimony years after the assault occurred without identifying the culprit, Naumaan asked Ayesha, “So why talk now? (So why speak now?))” You could’ve simply let it go by without making a fuss. What’s the use of spreading wisdom?”

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