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Got what I asked God for Naimal Khawar discusses marriage with Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Star discussed the first meeting, proposals, career choices, and more.


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The elusive Naimal Khawar sat across from host Imran Ashraf as he questioned Mazaq Raat. They examined numerous facets of the star’s life. From how she and actor Hamza Ali Abbasi met and got married to whether she would continue acting, much was discussed.

The actor said, “We met on the set of my debut film, Verna, for two seconds. He sent me work-related messages. It was painted. He then attended my exhibition, and the rest is history.” She said, “He requested a painting from me. I promised to make the artwork for him during work conversations. The finished painting Imran said, “A new painting began.”

Naimal said, “I studied abroad. He announced a proposal after a few months. The proposition arrived at home. A one-on-one encounter with my father occurred. I wasn’t allowed since my father wanted to chat with this boy first. He claimed I wouldn’t attend. Since none of my family is in the industry, As a Pakhtun, my father insisted on meeting this industry lad who suddenly appeared. Hamza met my father, gained approval, and we married.”

All hail Hamza.

Naimal said, “I was quite happy” after her father approved Hamza. It felt great. I believed I did something right to deserve such a holy husband.” The actress also lauded her husband. “I consider myself lucky in love. She said God granted her wish.

She added, “The most essential thing I wanted was a God-fearing husband, which is rare today. Hamza’s reliability in that area is a blessing. I fell in love with him because of that.” The actress revealed the couple’s few conflicts. Our temperaments are similar. I’m soft-spoken like him. We resolve conflicts swiftly because we’re resolution-oriented, she said.

On Acting

I fell in love with the camera,” Naimal said about acting. It wasn’t expected. I had no idea how I’d like the camera or be in front of it. I was afraid. But I liked seeing myself in the camera and playing with my emotions.” The singer also said it took six months of hard shortlisting to be on the show after she started interviewing again.

Naimal discussed bagging Anaa, saying, “I started acting in 2018. Was studying. I was asked to make a drama offer by phone. Read Izza’s character. My mother read scripts with me. She read about this girl with a specific attitude and compared Izza to me. Even though it wasn’t my plan, I related to her character and took on the role. After watching the film, I decided to study instead of acting. However, the character was so wonderful that I did it. I still remember it. My fans call me Izza.”

The actress thanked her followers for their unwavering love since 2018. “My [direct messages] are filled with prayers for my family and myself.” She addressed her fans, saying, “Whatever we are, it is because of you.”

Imran questioned Naimal about why she didn’t perform after her film. She said, “The film harmed my schooling. Also a painter. As with performing, I express myself with my brush.” She described how artists use brushes or acting to express their emotions. “There was quite a similarity, which is why I was pulled back.” The host asked Naimal about her screen return, and she answered, “InshAllah.” When asked about her ideal part, she responded, “I like scripts with love and romance.”

Naimal chose veteran Nadia Jamil as the finest actor when asked. She said she fell in love with the actress and her skills after watching her. She said her final-year thesis on the local Khwajasira community was her greatest accomplishment. “That earned me a distinction,” she said. “My father was extremely proud.”

Life partner, mother

Naimal frankly replied, “Before choosing your life partner, choose yourself,” when Imran asked her for life partner advice. Work on yourself, study, become someone, and then find a companion. Good-heartedness is all that matters when choosing a man.”

Naimal said, “Before parenthood, you were carefree and lost in your own world. Being a mother is a huge blessing from God, but it comes with duties. A selfless love… Don’t get that elsewhere.”

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