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Giorgia Andriani, who is she? All the information you need about Arbaaz Khan’s ex-girlfriend is right here.

The breakup of Giorgia Andriani's romance with Arbaaz Khan has recently made news. Let's take a journey with the Italian diva as she explores her love for Bollywood and her profession from the beginning. Stay tuned!


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The breakup of Giorgia Andriani, a famous model, and Arbaaz Khan has recently been in the news. The pair decided to end their relationship after dating for a few years. Meanwhile, Arbaaz is making strides in his life; last year, he tied the knot again with Sshura Khan, a famous makeup artist. On one hand, Giorgia’s fiery social media presence and confessions about her love life make headlines, but on the other, we’re just trying to get to know her.

We will explore her personal life and professional endeavors in the entertainment world, delving into the details of her life.

Andriani, Giorgia, who is she?
South Italy is the birthplace and upbringing location of the stunning diva Giorgia Andriani. On May 21, 1989, she entered this world. Regarding her professional life, she has acted as the title character in the Telugu action-comedy series Karoline Kamakshi, which airs on ZEE 5. Beyond this, she has appeared in other music videos, including Gurmeet Choudhary’s Dil Jisse Zinda Hain and Mika Singh’s Roop Tera Mastana.

Moving over from Bollywood to Italy
In 2022, the diva spoke about the long road that led her from Italy to Bollywood in an interview with Bollywood Hungama. Her story began in Italy, but it was a lengthy voyage to Germany, where she stayed for 1.5 years before moving on to Spain. By the time I was twenty years old, I had left Spain and was wondering, “What on earth am I going to do with my life?” (laughs) Since I was not working at that point, I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of being a director by attending film school in London.

She went on to say that she began her career in Bollywood behind the scenes, working as a production assistant, an advertising director, or a local supporter in London. She continued by saying that she had a connection and that she had the gut feeling that she should go to India.

“People assume you traveled this far to achieve success here. Personally, I don’t feel that way. My passion for this country is the only reason I came here. I am here because I adore this area, even if whatever transpires here could have transpired anywhere else on Earth. When asked about her initial visit to India on December 31, 2016, she recalled that after a month she decided she would not return.

Why Hindi Music Is Her Soul Mate
When asked about her favorite Hindi songs, Giorgia said, “I love Hindi music; I love it” in the same interview. While I was a student in London, I fell head over heels for an old Hindi song that I had never heard before. She thought, “This song sounds familiar to me!” as she remembered the lyrics: “Chura liya hai tumne.” Even though she didn’t fully grasp the lyrics, she continued to seek out music that she thought was cool, such as Mehbooba Mehbooba.

The Karoline Kamakshi actress continued by saying that she “loved” her first Hindi film, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, when she was 21 years old and in London.

An online profile
We can also safely assume that Giorgia has a sizable social media following in this day and age. The diva frequently updates her 1.6 million followers on both her personal and professional lives, which is a massive following.

Arbaaz Khan’s initial encounter
In a December 2018 exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Giorgia Andriani revealed details about her initial encounter with Arbaaz Khan. The actress had previously said that they crossed paths during a Pune housewarming celebration. Moreover, the diva revealed that it was really Arbaaz’s caring personality that caused the meeting to grow into love.

It was pretty quick for us to start meeting; we had no idea we were staying in the same Bandra apartment. We became romantically involved quite quickly. “That was quite fast. It just happened very spontaneously. Plus, when I first came to Mumbai, I didn’t know many people, and I got typhoid. I met him, and he really took care of me. At that time, I thought it was a sign. Here I was, so far away from home, with someone caring for me. It kind of catalyzed me into thinking that was something for me,” she had said.

From 2018 until she acknowledged the breakup in 2023, Giorgia and Arbaaz were a couple.

Separation from Arbaaz Khan
“At this point, we are very good friends,” the actress said in our interview, while also admitting that she and Arbaaz had broken up. Even when our relationship was more than just friendship, we remained close friends. As a couple, we’ve always gotten along great and enjoyed ourselves immensely. The transition from friends to friends-of-friends was not without its challenges, and I suppose that’s why.

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