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Full circle: Alia Bhatt and Karan Johar reunite for ‘Jigra’

An actor collaborates with her mentor as a producer on a 2024 film.


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The all-star cast and crew of the upcoming 2024 film Jigra recently treated fans to an Instagram post with a brief animated clip that gives viewers a taste of the film’s interesting setting. Many viewers immediately picked up on the clip’s anime-like visual style, which portrays an animated Alia Bhatt in a protective position.

Jigra is a highly anticipated collaboration between Dharma Productions and Eternal Sunshine Productions, with a formidable list of producers that includes Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta, Alia, and Somen Mishra. On September 27, 2024, the talented Vasan Bala will direct the film’s premiere.

One of the film’s producers, Karan, turned to Instagram to express his elation at the news. He wrote, “The reappearance of…my Jigra, Alia, once again on this great story helmed by Vasan. A tale of unwavering love and fearless action!


Alia, who appears and produces in the film, shared her excitement with her followers on Instagram. In her piece, she introduced the film Dharma Productions Eternal Sunshine Productions had produced, Jigra, directed by the exceptionally brilliant Vasan. Since I made my acting debut in a Dharma production, working with them to produce a film seems like going full circle. The process of bringing this film to reality is thrilling, demanding, and a little scary on a daily basis, and I can’t wait to share more as we move forward.

Fans have been left curious after seeing the brief animated clip released on social media, and they are now anticipating learning more about the plot of the film and Alia’s position as a guardian. Little is known about Jigra, but Alia’s narration suggests that she is talking to someone else, someone who is wearing a rakhi in her name and promising her protection. This suggests a close family relationship, perhaps between a brother and sister, and the foreboding atmosphere suggests that Alia, in her role as sister, must shield a family member from harm.


Jigra, set for release in theaters on September 27, 2024, seems to be an impressive addition to Alia’s résumé and an exciting cinematic adventure for moviegoers all over the world. There will undoubtedly be more news and information about this groundbreaking film project that will bring together talent, courage, and unshakable love on the big screen.

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