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“Fighter” Director Siddharth Anand Reveals Patriotic Inspiration Behind Film

Siddharth Anand, director of the upcoming film "Fighter," shares his deeply patriotic motivations and the impact of real-world events like the Pulwama incident on the movie's storyline. Learn about the director's vision for the hyper-nationalistic themes and the decision to portray Pakistan as the antagonist.


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Director Siddharth Anand sheds light on the fervent patriotism driving his latest project, “Fighter,” in a candid interview. Inspired by real-world events like the Pulwama incident, Anand discusses his intense emotions and the creative process behind crafting a hyper-nationalistic narrative.

Anand’s commitment to portraying patriotism on screen is evident, with “Fighter” featuring leading stars Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone in roles that embody passionate nationalism. The director emphasizes how the Pulwama tragedy served as a catalyst for the film, igniting his anger and fueling the storyline’s momentum.

In discussing the thematic shift in “Fighter,” Anand delves into the pivotal confrontation between characters played by Roshan and Rishabh Sawhney, highlighting the film’s departure from his previous directorial efforts. Drawing inspiration from iconic war films and his own personal affinity for patriotic themes, Anand infuses “Fighter” with a dynamic cinematic world.

Addressing the portrayal of Pakistan as the antagonist, Anand provides context for the decision, emphasizing the importance of grounding the narrative in reality. By drawing from true events and incorporating fictional elements, Anand aims to create a compelling storyline that resonates with audiences while paying homage to the bravery of real-life heroes.

As “Fighter” prepares to hit the screens, Anand’s insights into his creative process and patriotic motivations offer a glimpse into the passion driving this highly anticipated film. With its blend of action, emotion, and national pride, “Fighter” promises to captivate audiences and spark important conversations about patriotism and storytelling in cinema.

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