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Faysal Quraishi views it as a success that audiences are uncertain whether to admire or despise Chinar Khan, emphasizing the significance of morally complex characters.

Actor discusses the importance of portraying morally ambiguous characters


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Faysal Quraishi finds it a triumph that viewers are torn between adoring and disliking Chinar Khan, highlighting the significance of morally ambiguous characters in storytelling. Quraishi, renowned for his portrayal of Chinar Khan in Khaie, recently discussed the complexities of his character during a Ramazan transmission, addressing the diverse reactions it has sparked among audiences.

In a candid exchange, Quraishi confronted criticisms surrounding Chinar Khan’s character, recounting instances where individuals expressed uncertainty about their feelings towards him. This ambiguity, Quraishi explained, reflects his intention to challenge stereotypes prevalent in Pakistani dramas, where characters are often confined to rigid hero or villain roles. He stressed the importance of portraying characters like Chinar Khan, who possess depth and complexity beyond traditional archetypes.

Quraishi expressed his commitment to provoking thought and emotion through his portrayal, even if it means unsettling or challenging viewers. He attributed the success of Chinar Khan to the collaborative efforts of the writers and production team in crafting a character that defies easy categorization.

Throughout his portrayal, Quraishi has sought to infuse authenticity and depth into Chinar Khan, refusing to conform to conventional norms of heroism or villainy. Instead, he embraces the nuanced shades of grey that define the character, creating a captivating and enigmatic persona.

In addressing concerns about the portrayal of certain communities in the show, Quraishi emphasized the fictional nature of the storyline and urged viewers to enjoy the narrative without taking offense. Director Syed Wajahat Hussain had previously clarified that the show creates its own world, emphasizing its imaginative and creative elements.

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