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Faris Shafi & Meesha Shafi Song “Muaziz Saarif” from Coke Studio is a banger

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Sajjad Ahmed
Sajjad Ahmed
Photojournalist / Web Editor

Meesha Shafi and Faris Shafi have joined forces to produce ‘Muaziz Saarif’, and fans are unable to maintain their cool.

This time around, Coke Studio is returning with a slew of new tracks. Isn’t it amazing how these two brothers, each a force of their own, can work together to make magic?

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Dhvani Bhanushali clearly likes dressing up, as seen by her impressive outfit choices.

New yet familiar at the same time; this is a great example of a well-done mix of new and familiar.

Not only did this collaboration live up to expectations, but it beyond everyone Expectation.

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