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Farhan Saeed claims that celebrities are too timid to publicly support Imran Khan.

On social media, many of Imran Khan's supporters have been criticizing the government for being too harsh.


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Officials tried again on Wednesday to catch Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party leader Imran Khan at his Lahore mansion in Zaman Park. They are extending the standoff that had started the day before.

In the most recent fights during the almost 20-hour operation to arrest the head of the PTI. Police started firing tear gas rounds and using water cannons against PTI workers and supporters who were not willing to give up. A large number of PTI supporters have been arrested.

On social media, Farhan Saeed and many people who support Imran Khan have spoken out against the government for taking such strong measures. Many famous people have spoken out against it as well.

Farhan Saeed tweeted, “When Imran Khan became PM, all the actors and players were so fast to praise him, they even went and met him. Today,  either they have changed their mind about him, which is fair enough; they have all the rights, or they are terrified to talk, which is worrying.”

As Adnan Siddiqui put it, “It’s amazing to see people of different backgrounds unite for a common cause, driven by their enthusiasm and commitment.” “In the history of our country, there has never been so much support for a political figure.” In favor of PTI and a supporter of Imran Khan.

According to Haroon Shahid, “Because shelling has proven ineffective, they are preparing to switch to bullets.”

Attacks on PTI.

Tweeted singer Annie Khalid: “The current uprising can be described as Jihad. As I sit here in London, I can’t help but wish that I were there tonight, protecting my leader and PTI team with my people. I honor this country; its citizens are true heroes. Pakistan under Jinnah.”

Khadijah Shah, the owner of Elan, had been preoccupied with assisting the demonstrators. The upper mall is being shelled, and the frontline warriors need tons of water. You can hardly breathe since the air is heavy with tear gas. People keep going and distributing water, masks, and Ventolin inhalers.

News says that cell and internet service has been cut off in the Zaman Park neighborhood and nearby areas. Because of the declared state of emergency, all schools in the Mall Road area are currently closed.

Rangers who have camped out on Mall Road have blocked access to the area around the Former Prime Minister’s Zaman Park home. Several vehicles and a traffic enforcement post were set on fire.

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