Farhaan from Pakistan fight the medical emergency


Mr. Farhaan Mobein started his research back in 2016 upon his return from Canada. He discovered the root of the problem to be a lack of awareness, zero implementation of face masks, and non-existent air purification equipment.

Pakistan Clean Air Initiative aims to fight the medical emergency of bad air quality in Pakistan. Its primary co-founders, Farhaan Riaz, Waseem Arshad, and Farhaan Mobein joined hands once they educated themselves on the problem.

The initiative set forth to tackle this problem on all fronts.

  • Treatment as an immediate medical emergency
  • Lack of Data and Availability
  • Inadequate government policies and information
  • A viable plan for the future

CAIR’s Mission – #WECAIR

CAIR’s mission is to raise awareness and impart knowledge to Pakistanis in order to combat air pollution. Thus, it’s providing a pivotal platform to tackle SMOG as an immediate medical emergency and devise a feasible agenda to eliminate Pakistan’s hazardous air pollution pandemic.

Solutions #WITHCAIR

CAIR’s initial awareness was spread through a Facebook page, however, the initiative progressed into an application and a website using air visual data which are a vivid guide on the harmful effects of air pollution and provide CAIR Quality Index for major cities.