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Falak Shabir denies rumors, saying that India will never lift the ban on Pakistani musicians.

A Punjabi singer was questioned about the most recent event.


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Singer Falak Shabir recently spoke with fans and followers on his Instagram Stories about the alleged lifting of the ban on Pakistani musicians performing in India. Falak maintained that, in his opinion, the ban notice he received from T-Series on a visit to Mumbai in 2015 is still in effect, despite reports of a potential lifting of the ban.

He reiterated his conviction that the prohibition would not be lifted. As fans and artists alike await any prospective changes in the relationship between Pakistani musicians and the Indian entertainment business, his comment throws light on a problem that has hung over the entertainment industry.

The Punjabi musician responded to a question by saying, “The Mumbai High Court has lifted the ban on Pakistani artists.” What remarks do you have regarding this, sir?” Falak argued, “Not at all. In 2015, T-Series sent me this notice while I was in Mumbai. This prohibition won’t ever be lifted.”

“We, the mother body of FWICE, in a joint meeting with all our affiliates, have taken a unanimous decision today to ban the Pakistani artists and technicians from working in the films and TV serials produced by Indian producers in any language,” read the notice and press release from FWICE (Federation of Western India Cine Employees), which Falak shared. The aforementioned decision was made in response to Pakistan’s outbreak of a war-like situation, which has resulted in several military casualties and ordinary citizens dying on Indian streets. In this time of difficulty, we support our security forces and their families and uphold the principle that “nation comes first.” All affiliates and producers’ associations have received the notice of prohibition.”

The restriction on Pakistani artists performing in India has its roots in a tumultuous era in the two nations’ bilateral relations. The Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) and its affiliates unanimously decided to ban Pakistani technicians and artists.

The entertainment industry is still debating the Indian ban on Pakistani performers. While some contend that political disputes should not affect art or culture, others stress how crucial it is to put national security and interests first.

Recent reports of Pakistani artists operating in India raise the possibility of a thaw in the tense relations between the two countries. Falak’s remarks highlight the possibility that there will be barriers in the way of Pakistani musicians making a full-fledged comeback to the Indian entertainment industry.

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