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Erica Robin’s essay starts a conversation regarding religion, culture, and whether or not she will regret being born in Pakistan.

Reactions to the model's post have been varied.


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A recent Instagram image by model Erica Robin—showing her in denim shorts, a cropped white blouse, and a shrug—triggered a deluge of criticism. As many of her admirers and followers voiced their disapproval of her outfit choice, the comments area turned into a heated debate. In the context of social media and modeling, the public’s response exemplifies the continuing discussion and differing viewpoints on modesty, style, and personal expression.

A commenter on Instagram asked, “Wasn’t she the one who was claiming she dresses culturally?” From now on, I have problems trusting people. Who knows why I can’t seem to unfollow you? Someone else commented. Even if my feelings for you are waning, I must admit that I am increasingly disliking you, lady! Must one dress so scantily in order to blend in with the locals? This one also stands out: “She will deeply regret being born in Pakistan.”

The model was the target of a deluge of abuse following a recent Instagram post, but she also had defenders. “Instead of critiquing her, you should all be proud of her,” one Instagram user argued. Only at Miss Universe does she represent our culture; on beaches, no way. A second, irate admirer scolded the onlookers who had come to see the model. “What is wrong with everyone of you?” they asked. At Miss Universe, she alone represents our culture. Among the minority of Pakistanis, she is one. What she wears is entirely up to her.

A deeply moved fan wrote a comment. I absolutely despise Western clothing. Nothing beats a Pakistani outfit. I still hold you in high regard. You cemented Pakistan’s place in history by representing the country honorably in the world’s most prestigious competition. As a non-Muslim, you had the option to wear a bikini instead of a burkini. I will adore you forever. You have my word that I will share with my daughter when she is an adult. Due respect.

Coincidentally, this happened after a clip from the Adnan Faisal podcast started circulating. As a result of widespread misunderstandings, the model took advantage of the platform to clarify an important difference. By drawing on her personal experiences as a Christian, Erica highlighted the difference between culture and religion. Although she is a devout Christian, she made it clear that cultural standards, not theological dictates, dictate her clothing choices.

It is a frequent misconception that Christians have complete leeway in what they wear, and Erica aimed to debunk that. She brought attention to the common misunderstanding that people’s religious identities are synonymous with a lack of cultural modesty. The model stressed that, contrary to common assumptions, no faith promotes disrespect for cultural standards in clothing.

“I would like to clarify: people mix religion with culture,” Erica said. I am a Christian, yes, but my culture forbids me to wear anything I want. The general public has this misunderstanding that she will wear anything she wants just because she is a Christian. That’s more of a part of their culture than their faith. No faith mandates a specific way of life or dress code.

At the Miss Universe 2023 competition, the model who has been causing a stir in the beauty and fashion industries most recently gained recognition. Her mesmerizing performance in Pakistani traditional attire paid tribute to the country’s diverse cultural heritage and left an indelible mark on viewers throughout the globe.

The official swimwear shot of Erica in her stunning kaftan was a highlight of her Miss Universe trip. Erica teamed up with famous designer Rubin Singer and the Miss Universe Organization to create this garment. Not only did the photo reveal Erica’s one-of-a-kind bikini collection, but it also highlighted her impeccable taste.

With the announcement of an exclusive swimwear line, fans and fashionistas could own a piece of the glitz and glamour that was on display at the Miss Universe stage, as stated in the statement that accompanied these captivating photographs. Working together, Erica, Rubin, and the Miss Universe Organization created a melting pot of cultures, styles, and worldwide beauty standards that allowed viewers to relate to the contestants from all over the world. Beyond the domain of beauty pageants and into the realm of accessible and aspirational style, Erica’s influence in the fashion business gained a new dimension with this intricate partnership.

“Pehchaan,” which means “identity” in English, was the fitting name for Erica’s Khaadi-designed outfit that she selected for the national costume part. The caption elaborated on the costume’s meaning, drawing attention to Erica’s goal of using her attire as a vehicle to honor Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage and modern way of life. The national costume of the star in question bore the words “unity in diversity by celebrating its own identity.”

Prior to that, Erica had made it clear that Pakistan would be sending a representative to the Miss Universe pageant for the very first time. I have a lot of responsibilities and am under a lot of strain. Nonetheless, I will refrain from actions that could bring disrepute to the nation. The actress has stood firm on that commitment, demonstrating her impeccable taste while respecting the cultural norms of her nation.

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