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Emphasis on the Muslims and Islamic society of Islamophobia


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The history of terrorism in the world is even older than Islam. Probably it began when a man tried to kill a man for the first time. I don’t understand why terrorism is poured with Islam? Is this because the terrorists have used the name of Islam? And If this is true, the biggest cruelty has been with Muslims and Islam because their religion has been used to defame and still is happening.

“If a person ‘s assassination in religion is equal to the murder of the entire humanity”

then how can a person belonging to this religion think about killing someone?

For a few decades, Islam is being misled in the world without understanding. This impression in the Western world being created that The Prophet of Muslims had been spread Islam in the world with the use of the sword and the power, although the reality and the history are contrary to it. Islam just took the sword against the power and against the enemy of humanity. Islam honored the Master and the Slave as equal to each other, Islam gave equal rights to the women who were treated like animals at that time.

It is repeatedly written in the Holy Quran. Every person (Men or Women, Black or wight, Rich or Poor, Old or Young )is equal in front of God.

“In Islam, not any person can be greater by his color, cast, and status.”

Isn’t it worth thinking about what made a deteriorated society suddenly improved? What was it? that made love, brotherhood, and respect common among people.

Islam was understood by the even illiterate and ignorant society of that era. But why today’s literate and respected society refuses to understand it? Because if Islam is understood then humanity will be recognized by humanity, and the real enemies of humanity will be exposed before humans. And the same if you look at Western history you will find it racist, even today you will see the areas in the US and Europe where it is still happening.

In 2016, an Iraqi student was removed from West Airlines for just he say InshaAllah to his grandfather. Recently, on the 5th date of this month, An 84-year-old man opened fire when the two victims, aged 74 and 78, found him trying to set fire to a mosque in Bayonne(France). There are multiple ways in which Muslims in the USA and abroad have been victims of Islamophobia. Particularly after 9, 11 attacks and the subsequent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to the Pro. Kenvin .L.Nedal, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at Jhon Jay college of criminal justice at the City University of New York, The hateful rhetoric toward Muslims gives people permission to be discriminatory toward them. In a study, It is reported against Muslims just across the US, including the burning of mosques, bomb threats, physical and verbal assaults and discrimination in employment…..Actually, this is happening with Muslims not just Westen’s Muslims, In Kashmir, not from some days it is from many years Muslims are occupied by human enemies..just because they are Muslims and bringing their right to freedom?

Now what I have to say as a Muslim? This is all happening because of Christianity? because of the Jewish community? because of Hinduism or any other religion behind this? I would like to say “No” because it’s never allowed by any religion who takes place among people with love, peace, and humanity. Does any religion allow this? surely it’s only allowed by human enemies with no religion. Has any thought or person become popular and as well as respected among humans as opposed to the human being?

Islam is the fast-growing and popular religion in this world. And this is the fear which cannot be tolerated by third world people. According to a study, more than one thousand books have been published in the united states since 1990, on the invasion of Islam and the intimidation of Muslims of Europe. Most books cover the growing population of Muslims, the influx of immigrants, extremism, sharia courts, irrelevance to the local culture of the Muslims, Hijab, forced marriage, honor killing, and so on in order to stir the reader’s heart. And many such issues have been created and debated to prompting the right-wing Europeans to become the lead wall against the Muslims.

Who is doing this nonsense? They are really mean it? They all are just making a platform for haters from both sides…Keep it in mind.

“Bad people are not born, they are created”

“We argue about life but agree on death”.

Concerns are now growing in Islamic society as well. Humanitarian Organization should have to understand this, if they disrupt the world’s second major religious power, it can be dangerous for the peace and prosperity all over the world.

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