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Emma Alam of Pakistan won the finals of the 13th World Speed Reading Championships on Monday.

beating more than 100 competitors from all over the world.


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Pakistan won an impressive win this week in a hybrid competition that had been postponed due to Covid-19.

Emma, who defeated her Chinese competitor in the finals, was also crowned in 2020 as the World Memory Champion and holder of two titles of Guinness World Records and also recognised as Pride of Pakistan by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

Coming in the fourth position in the World Speed Reading Championships is Abeerah Ather. Team Pakistan also competed in the 12th World Mind Mapping Championship, in which Emma Alam grabbed third position and Ambreen Hameed fourth.

There were more than 100 contestants from across the world competing in this event. The Global Chief independently verified and rated each championship’s final standings.

Speed reading, contrary to common belief, does not compromise comprehension. Reading, understanding, and remembering information may be accomplished in a fraction of the time it normally takes with the proper methods.

Competitors in Speed Reading Championships are given a book and given a time limit of no more than two hours to finish it. The competitor is handed the comprehension question paper with 20 questions created by the author and an arbiter of the Guild of Mind Sports Arbiters, with a few particular regulations, and their time is recorded. The book is then taken away from the competitor.

There are no multiple-choice questions here; instead, the answers must be limited to one or two sentences. Emma Alam read the 15,823-word book at the 2021 championship in 20 minutes and 4 seconds at a rate of 789 words per minute, with a 97 percent comprehension rate, resulting in an effective reading speed of 7,648 words per minute.

WPM and comprehension are used to calculate an individual’s effective reading speed. For perspective, the global average reading speed is 200 words per minute (wpm).

“It’s a wonderful feeling to win another World Championship.” To inspire others, I succeed! Emma’s goal is to “inspire young females and young people in general to adapt to learning techniques that are faster, simpler, and game-changing for academic performance,” she added.

For the last four years, Emma and her team have been participating in different mind games.

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