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Elections should be held immediately, Demands Former PM Imran Khan.


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Former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan has called for quick nationwide elections.

He said in a video message that a foreign administration had been placed on the country as part of a broader plot.. In addition to it, he said, “We are heading to Peshawar tomorrow to discuss the imported government.”

Sources said Imran Khan is expected to lead the party gathering, which would be used to discuss ideas. The meeting will be attended by top PTI officials including province presidents.

It has been determined that public meetings would be held in Lahore and Karachi on April 23 and 16 respectively, according to PTI leader Shafqat Mahmood.

They must have their own foreign policy, he said. “The elected government was overthrown by a group of armed robbers. Sunday ushered in a revolutionary mood. “The masses will reject this plot,” he said.

When this happens, he argued that elections should be held immediately. Shehbaz Sharif “took oath when Shehbaz Sharif was going to be tried,” he said.

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