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‘Dunki’ teaser promises humor, sorrow, and nostalgia: a madcap friendship ride.

Shah Rukh Khan posted the fourth drop on Instagram.


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Rajkumar Hirani’s Dunki, starring Shah Rukh Khan, will open in theaters on December 21, coinciding with Christmas. The Dunki: Drop 4 teaser takes viewers back to 1995 in Laltu, a charming village, for a wonderful narrative of friendship and dreams.

The actor posted the trailer on Instagram, writing, “I began this story in Laltu. I’ll end with friends. Dunki’s trailer shows Raju Sir’s visionary quest. It will take you on a crazy voyage of friendship, life’s comedy and sorrow, and home and family memories.”

The freshly published video opens with Shah Rukh’s Hardy standing on a train, setting the stage for a riveting story. Hardy introduces his pals, including Vicky Kaushal’s Sukhi, who struggles with English, and Taapsee Pannu’s Mannu, who staunchly defends Hardy against mockers of his English. The trio’s friendship lends humor and heart to the plot.

Boman Irani becomes their English teacher, promising to prepare them for life overseas. Hardy and Sukhi compare their move to British control in India to show that language does not hinder success. The trailer shows the friends’ dangerous voyage as they traverse countries, confront hurdles, and use weapons.

The trailer’s final reveal of Shah Rukh as an elderly Hardy 25 years from now is the most fascinating. Hardy races in a yellow and blue striped T-shirt and a grey beard, Shah Rukh’s second elderly role following Vikram Rathore in Atlee’s Jawan earlier this year.

Dunki will be a touching story about four friends’ dream of traveling abroad. The film blends real-life stories into a comical and heartbreaking tale.

Shah Rukh’s third film of the year follows Pathaan and Jawan, both action films. Dunki, produced by Red Chillies Entertainment, Jio Studios, and Rajkumar Hirani Films, will hit theaters on December 21 with a mix of emotions, fun, and a timeless story.

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