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Drama “Ishq e Laa” Shanaya Returns & Azaan Sami Khan Perform Outclass


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What a heartbreaking, emotional & endearing episode. Without making it too intense or unbearably sad, the creators made us tune in to Azlaan’s loss. Azaan Sami Khan no doubt proved, that we should not underestimate a debut performance.

Bringing back Shanaya’s spirit to guide Azlaan & Azka helped us, the viewers, ease into a transition, making it easier to let go of Shanaya.

Ishq e laa continues to deliver refreshing & endearing content.

Azaan Sami Khan gave a mention-worthy performance as Azlaan who is lost & struggling with the loss of Shanaya. It is interesting to note how he is also coming around to Shanaya’s way of looking at the world, from almost agreeing to be conciliatory towards Azka’s family to purchasing the sewing machines.

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