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Deepika’s ‘KwK’ appearance, dating others, and an absurd proposal: 7 shocking disclosures from Ranveer

The actors agreed to open up about their romance without holding back.


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How and when Coffee with Karan returns The highly anticipated eighth installment of the spicy, speculative offering began with “Bollywood royalty” Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone sharing the coveted Koffee couch.

The show seemed to have a different energy right from the start. Although Deepika and Ranveer frequently collaborate and are frequently complimented on social media, their prolonged appearance as a couple—interviewed by a fraternity member with whom they feel somewhat at ease—casts them in a different light.

Numerous insights surfaced during the discussion, and the internet hasn’t stopped talking about a few important conclusions. Here are seven of the most outrageous discoveries from Koffee with Karan’s Season 8 premiere, without further ado:

1. Ranveer and Deepika’s meeting

Ranveer remembered meeting his future wife in the most spectacular fashion, in keeping with the highly stylized character of Bollywood. He revealed that Kareena Kapoor had to drop out of Sanjay Leela Bhanslai’s (you can guess) film Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela for an unspecified reason. His statement was based on his observation that, having seen Cocktail, she was batting for Team Deepika.

The script was read aloud at Sanjay’s seaside home. Ranveer remembered the director’s massive doors opening to allow in a puff of sea wind. This whole scene provided the ideal setting for Deepika to walk in, dressed in white, and instantly win Ranveer’s heart. She looked like an angelic figure stepping through the door.

After that, because there was food lodged in her mouth, Ranveer tried to get her to become conscious again. But she only asked him to fish it out when he pointed it out. Ranveer said he felt a spark, the repercussions of which he is still feeling, when he used his pinkie finger to take the food fragment out of her teeth.

Although this is quite sweet, a user on X quickly pointed out that the way he described their first encounter was a lot like the way he recounted meeting Anushka Sharma on the third season of Koffee with Karan. Ranveer had already told the story of how Anushka’s hair started to flow as she opened the enormous door at one of the YRF Studios buildings.

After six months of their informal relationship—since they never officially used the term “dating”—Ranveer declared outright that he had known Deepika was the one. The celebrity asked Deepika to marry him in 2015, and the two secretly were engaged until 2018, when they got married.

3. The suggestion

Imagine a stretch of sand with nothing but the Maldives sea on all sides. That’s where Deepika and Ranveer got engaged in 2015. Together, the two went on a trip, and during that trip, Ranveer bought a ring that he said was far beyond his means.

Ranveer asked Deepika if they were doing anything other than enjoying each other’s company, and she said yes. But unlike the protocol, Ranveer did not approach Deepika’s parents for her hand in marriage out of self-admitted immaturity. After a family dinner in Bangalore, Deepika and her mother got into an embarrassing argument since the Om Shanti Om star could not contain the news.

4. Dating someone else

Given that many have dubbed Ranveer “Bollywood’s Will Smith,” this has gone viral and needs to be clarified. When Deepika met Ranveer, she had recently ended some really challenging relationships, and she wanted to date casually for a bit, she revealed to Karan Johar on the episode. She said that even though they were theoretically able to see other people, they would always end up back together.

Ranveer, who asserted to be aware of the different suitors vying for Deepika—a detail she herself had overlooked—supports this. This is never brought up by either of them at any point, and neither is taken aback by it.

5. The Ranbir Kapoor love triangle

When Karan asked Ranveer during the rapid-fire section, “Which male actor would you not mind being cast as the third character in a love triangle featuring you and Deepika?” The actor said, “Ranbir.”

“Ranbir” was the star’s response. “You desired for the three of us to create Sangam. How did that turn out?” Deepika also chimed in to approve, seeming as anxious as Karan to move the project forward.

The wedding video, sixth

Five years after getting married, Ranveer and Deepika shared their wedding video with the world. The four-minute short began with Ranveer toasting the couple’s engagement, bringing Karan to tears and making him long for a soul connection. “I would say you’ve gone insane if you told me you were going to marry Deepika Padukone someday! “That was one day, and today is another,” a jubilant Ranveer exclaims to the audience. “I’ve finally done something right in life.”

The most treasured moments from their joyous wedding were collected in the next three and a half minutes. Families and friends of the couple gathered to celebrate during a number of rituals. Deepika talked candidly about her wedding experience with her partner in an emotional chat with the videographer. The actress remarked of her spouse, “I was drawn to the person most of the world had not seen.” He has several facets to his personality, including a quiet side, a highly clever side, and a sensitive side, and I adore that he is a cryer. And I adore that he has just love in his heart.”

“After all the ceremonies were over, something happened,” she went on. All of this becomes quite substantial when, all of a sudden, there is a sense of obligation and belonging. It’s like you feel whole.” With a smile, the actor continued, “Yeah, perfect. That word is appropriate.”

On mental wellness

The program was entertaining, but it was also really enlightening. Deepika talked about the difficulties she was having with her mental health and how Ranveer took on the role of “caregiver.” Regarding his own powerlessness in the face of Deepika’s struggle with mental illness, Ranveer was open and honest. Karan also talked about having a panic attack, returning home, and sobbing uncontrollably.

In addition to providing a fascinating look into the personal lives of these celebrities, the somber discussion was a critical first step in empowering others to seek professional assistance. Even though these weren’t shocking disclosures, they were relevant, and it was necessary for three well-known Indian film personalities to talk candidly about them.

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