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Dance Deewane Junior’s upcoming season will include Nora Fatehi as a judge.


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In the entertainment business, Nora Fatehi is a cultural icon. She is a brilliant dancer and actress who has been in a number of popular films. This year, she appeared as a guest judge on Dance Deewane alongside Madhuri Dixit Nene.

That she’ll be joining Dance Deewane Junior as a judge in the not too distant future will no doubt excite her devoted following.

Dancer Nora will unite the fervor of youthful followers with Nora’s vast knowledge and experience in the art form.

According to a reliable insider with knowledge of the production, “It’s no secret that Nora Fatehi is one of the most famous names in the country, and she’s particularly popular with children. For this new reality program, she was the obvious option since she had previously been on reality shows and received a tremendous amount of attention.”

Nora Fatehi has been unanimously picked by the show’s producers to serve as a judge on the panel.

Prior to that, she had been on another reality program as a temporary judge after the departure of the original judge Malaika Arora, who had been found to be in possession of the drug Covid-19.

To see the audience’s response to Nora Fatehi’s return to television as a judge for a whole season would be thrilling. She’s a tremendous star because to her incredible dance abilities and charismatic demeanor. Particularly among children, she has a devoted following. As a result of the hashtag #DanceWithNora’s massive popularity, individuals from all across the nation consider Nora to be their teacher.

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