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Daler Mehndi falls for Harry after hearing about his music rumors.

Twitterati made fun of the "innocent" singer's antics.


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Technology makes spreading misinformation and fake news online simpler. quality posts, a fake Twitter account, suggested that Prince Harry listens to Daler Mehndi to get over tough times.

Indian musician Mehndi fell for the scam and thanked Prince Harry on social media for listening to his lively songs.

Guru Nanak and my parents helped me build a unique pop-folk-ethnic music genre. Love, Prince Harry! “I’m glad my songs helped,” the Dangal singer wrote.

Given Mehndi’s foolish remark, Twitterati rushed to the post’s comments to mock the singer.

“Oh, dear! Ignore it—you’re the best. Another admirer asked his followers to tell Mehndi the truth. “Someone tell him!” begged one user.
As the tweet spread, more Twitter users added amusing comments.”Harry is listening to Tunak Tunak Tun and Bolo Ta Ra Ra,” one user said.

“I want to see Prince Harry dance on Tunak Tunak Tun with Meghan,” said another.

One fan joked, “This isn’t real for sure,” while another derided the singer’s gullibility, “Someone please find Mehndi’s drug dealer.”

Most tweeps found the post pure despite the mocking. “Don’t tell him, it’s okay; we’re proud of you!” exclaimed one fan. laughing, “Stop! Nobody “tunak”.

Despite his honest mistake, critics praised Zor Ka Jhatka. “Everyone arguing this didn’t happen is a hater,” one person said. “Let him enjoy his moment!”

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