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Cyclone Nisarga: Priyanka Chopra Informs all mumbai including mom & brother to be safe


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The actress has been urging everyone to stay home to battle with COVID 19 and now, she has also raised her voice to ask everyone in her home city to be safe amid the natural disaster. Priyanka also mentioned in her message how the year 2020 already feels relentless as after COVID 19, Cyclone Amphan, another disaster is making its way to Maharashtra. The actress shared a list of precautions to be taken and urged everyone to take cover.

Amid the COVID 19 crisis that has hit the world and India, people are already putting in all their energy to battle the deadly virus. However, now, it seems that another challenge poses a threat to people in Mumbai in the form of Cyclone Nisarga. Amid the reports of the cyclone Nisarga making landfall on the Mumbai coast on Wednesday, Priyanka Chopra has come out to urge citizens of Mumbai to be safe. The global star, whose mum Madhu Chopra and brother Siddharth Chopra also live in Mumbai, shared precautions on social media.

She tweeted, “#CycloneNisarga is making its way to Mumbai, my beloved home city of more than 20 million people, including my mom and brother. Mumbai hasn’t experienced a serious cyclone landfall since 1891, and at a time when the world is so desperate, this could be especially devastating. This year feels relentless. Please everyone find cover, take precautions and follow the guidelines outlined. Please stay safe everyone.”


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