Cyber Stalking is Common Nowadays and How we can Stop It.


Were you ever curious about the definition of cyberbullying? Using the internet to bully someone is called cyberbullying. It’s a kind of bullying that entails damaging, harassing, threatening, and shaming a person through social media, chat rooms, and email.

Anyone may be a victim, and it’s never too late. Friends and family members are included in this group. There are no limitations on when and where it may occur, thanks to the internet’s 24-hour culture of accessibility.

Alternatively, we may argue that cyberbullying is a sort of psychological abuse. To put it another way, cyberbullying only applies if you’re harassing someone or trying to injure them for any reason at all. We would also label cyberbullying if you approached someone in a peculiar manner and they were reluctant to engage in conversation with you.

While cyberbullying may be a new kind of bullying, it can also serve to perpetuate old forms of harassment and abuse that have already taken place in the real world. As an example, at the youth club or at the high school Wherever it all began, the fact is that it is becoming more frequent. Some of the most common forms of cyberbullying include spreading false rumors, uploading embarrassing images or videos, and establishing bogus accounts and websites that may cause grief to the victim.

On the increase as well are “viral” photoshopped memes or “photomontages.” So it’s tough to stop them because they propagate so rapidly throughout the internet.

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