Court will announce verdict in Noor Muqaddam case on February 24th


Noor Muqaddam’s four-month trial is over and the judgment will be delivered on February 24th, the court stated today.

Islamabad Sessions Court heard the case and concluded the arguments of the prosecution and defense attorneys.

Earlier, the murder investigation against Noor Muqaddam had reached its conclusion. The closing arguments for each of the defendants’ attorneys have been delivered. Noor Muqaddam’s father Shaukat Muqaddam’s lawyer, Shah Khawar, will present his last arguments at the next hearing.

Add-on Sessions in Islamabad The murder trial of Noor Muqaddam was handled by Judge Atta Rabbani. Five Therapy Works employees were represented in court by Shehzad Qureshi, a lawyer who argued on their behalf throughout the hearing.

According to the lawyer, they got at the location about 8 p.m. local time, which is what Pakistan uses. The DVR captured the whole event. There was no attempt to erase evidence on the site. The primary suspect was apprehended on the scene once the DVR was unlocked. Although the innocence of these five defendants is pleaded with the court. Their acquittal is warranted.”

At the hearing, Tahir Zahoor’s lawyer, Akram Qureshi, presented his concluding arguments. Zakir and Ismat Muqaddam had allegedly phoned my client Tahir Zahoor, he stated.

“There was no evidence on record other than the CDR,” the prosecution stated of Tahir Zahoor’s alleged orders. “Now the prosecution has to establish that those instructions were those.” The police were notified of the event by Therapy Works. Trying to figure out how the police conducted their investigation is a little difficult. During the questioning, police officers behaved improperly.”

According to Asad Jamal (Ismat Adamji’s attorney), he was questioned about the identity of the person who reported the event to police. Courtroom testimony should have included the testimony of the eyewitnesses who saw the crime. In many of our situations, the police are unable to access the whole scene. Despite the fact that the murder took place at night, no date or time was provided. Setting a deadline is essential to reaching a resolution in this instance. According to the FIR, “even the moment of death has been omitted.”

Shah Khawar, the plaintiff’s lawyer, will present his last arguments during the February 22 hearing, which has been extended by the court.