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Ye Dunya by Karakoram, Talha Anjum, and Faris Shafi is a banger with a message from Coke Studio.

Coke Studio's Latest Song "Yeh Dunya" pulls together two different musical styles.


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“Ye Dunya” addresses the question that most of us ask ourselves at some time in our lives: Is it really worth the effort? With Karakoram, Anjum, and Shafi taking on this uncertainty square on, they generate a power-packed music composition.

It discusses the unpredictability of life, delving into man’s latent worries while highlighting and confronting the dread of abandonment. It has Khattak at his best, captivating us with his timbre, fury, and youthful appeal, while Anjum contributes his wisdom and superb writing. Shafi isn’t far behind either, although we had hoped for more from his performance. However, the three acts combine to create a potent ensemble.

Talha Anjum, Faris Shafi, and Karakoram the Band perform the nu-metal song.

Coke Studio’s producer Xulfi and associate music producer Sherry Khattak came up with the nu-metal track. Adnan Dhool, Talha Anjum, Faris Shafi, and Xulfi wrote the song.

As stated by Coke Studio, the song’s progression is designed to be gradual “With the artists recognizing each other’s hardships, it’s almost like a therapy session. Anjum’s demeanor is cold and calculating. Sherry Khattak’s primal scream is soothed by Shafi’s assurance that he is not alone “As a matter of fact,

In Harris Khatri’s music video, the singers are surrounded by construction workers. Digital color boxes emerge from the ground with performers on top, “offering to transport them out of the darkness and into the light of day”.

Using augmented reality motion visuals surrounding each artist, video director Zeeshan Parwez demonstrates “how entwined we are with the warp-speed world of technology”.

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