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Bushra Ansari adorns a shawl featuring verses from Iqbal’s poetry, humorously suggesting, “You’ll grasp it if you’re fluent in Urdu.”

Sshe shares a snapshot of herself draped in the shawl on Instagram.


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Bushra Ansari grabs attention on social media by donning a shawl featuring verses from Allama Iqbal, ahead of her appearance on a Ramadan program for a news channel. Sharing a photo of herself wrapped in the shawl on Instagram, the veteran Pakistani actor humorously notes the significance of the poetic lines, quipping, “If you can read Urdu, you’ll get it.”

This playful gesture coincides with recent events, including a distressing incident in Lahore’s Ichra Bazaar, where a misunderstanding led to accusations of blasphemy against a young woman wearing a kurta with Arabic writing. Ansari’s witty comment subtly underscores the importance of cultural understanding and the dangers of misinterpretation.

In her candid vlog, “Delete With Love,” Ansari sets a humorous yet firm rule on phone etiquette: three unanswered calls and you’re out. She emphasizes the value she places on respectful communication, even in the digital age, showcasing her lighthearted humor and straightforward approach.

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