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Bipasha Basu can’t dance: have to do knee replacement


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Bipasha Basu has truly had an inspiring journey – from starting work at 15 against her family’s wishes to rising to the pinnacle of success in the film industry. But all of it came at a price – it wasn’t a bed of roses for our lovely Bips. Here, she reveals the different struggles and obstacles she has had to battle in her almost two decade long career. From being called dusky for her skin tone, to being shamed for her body weight, Bipasha has been judged for her physical appearances several times.

In fact, she also was diagnosed with a handicap – osteoarthritis – that shunned her activities for a while before she fought against all odds and turned out a victor.

“That was the only time I felt powerless in my entire life. There was an entire tabloid article that said Bipasha gets FAT in bold. That really upset me. But it was also a good wake up call. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis where the doctor told me that you can’t keep standing for too often, you can’t dance, we might have to do knee replacement.”

Although it was a physical handicap that put a huge hurdle in her career and life, she fought it like a fighter. She adds, “It could have completely got me down or made me do better. I just thought this is the time to work on yourself and love yourself.” All that and more in this honest chat.

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