Bilawal Zardari Ready to work together to remove the Prime Minister.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari (File Photo) - Umar John Next TV

On Sunday, PPP Chairman Bilwal Bhutto Zardari announced that the party will work with everyone to remove Pakistan’s undemocratic Prime Minister.

Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) remarked that we went to everyone who could assist us get rid of those who had been picked. Imran Khan would have freaked out if we didn’t have all of our numbers. It is my hope that today’s National Assembly session will take place.

He also requested the Prime Minister to explain why he used the term “animal” in his address.

Adding that the democratic forces are exercising constitutional rights against the undemocratic individual, the PPP Leader added that Imran Khan believes in rigged matches. On the no-confidence vote, we have the support of both the opposition and the public.

The Prime Minister has lost the confidence of the people, as shown by a lengthy protest. Bilawal said that they would not be permitted to rig.

He went on to say that every member has the right to vote in person at their local parliament. The members of Parliament were taken into custody when the police broke into the building with force. Voting should be open to all members.

We are a peaceful and democratic nation. He said, “We demonstrated around the nation for 10 days, but we didn’t toss a stone.”

The Prime Minister’s officials have also declared that we would not count the ballots, according to Bilawal Bhutto. Let the representatives vote, we beseech the Chief Justice and Chief Election Commissioner to rule.

Pakistan’s foreign policy has become more isolated as a result of the PPP chairman’s declaration of no confidence. A state of chaos has been unleashed in Pakistan due to the actions of Imran Khan. Elections should be free and open to the public. One person’s damage to the nation is something we can’t stand for.

He also noted that the Election Commission is currently considering the foreign money matter. A decision is needed as quickly as possible by the Election Commission.

This is the country’s first democratic motion of no confidence. The power of the people is at the heart of this movement. Bilawal Bhutto predicted that the no-confidence motion would succeed.