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Bigg Boss OTT 2 Kissing Queen Akanksha Puri in legal trouble, Filmmaker Rahul Khan’s team sends legal notice.


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Famous actress and Bigg Boss OTT 2 contestant Akanksha Puri has found herself in legal trouble with acclaimed Director Rahul Khan. Akanksha had shot a music video with Khan but now she has refused to promote it, despite having received payment in advance.

Before shooting the song, Akanksha had signed the agreement for not just participation in the song’s filming but also for her active involvement in its promotional activities. However, following the completion of the shoot, the actress purportedly declined to participate in the promotional campaign, leaving Khan in a state of frustration and anger.

The song in question, shot against the picturesque backdrop of Dubai, was expected to be a significant project for both Khan and the actress. However, with her apparent breach of contract, the harmony surrounding the production has been shattered, leading Khan’s team to contemplate legal recourse.

Rahul Khan himself confirmed the news saying, “Akanksha Puri had signed an agreement with us for shooting a song in Dubai and for its promotions as well. But before the release of the song in Oct, she refused to be a part of the promotions. In fact, she has refused to share the posters of the song on her social media platforms as well,” Rahul added that the release of the song was postponed from October 2023 to February 2024 for Akanksha but now she has stopped taking their calls also which has led to major losses.

In an industry where contracts and commitments are paramount, the actress’s actions have raised eyebrows and drawn criticism from various quarters. Many argue that her failure to uphold her end of the agreement not only reflects poorly on her professionalism but also undermines the integrity of the project as a whole.

As the controversy continues to unfold, industry insiders and fans alike await further developments, eager to see how this issue will be resolved. Will Khan and Akanksha find common ground, or will their dispute escalate into a protracted legal battle? Only time will tell.

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