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Asad Siddiqui and Zara Noor Abbas announce their pregnancy.


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Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui proudly revealed their second pregnancy, one year after losing their first. Zara shared the sweet update on Instagram with a candid photo of the couple.

Badshah Begum smiles in a white silk dress with sunglasses and a doughnut in their garden shot. Taking care of plants behind Zara, the Sinf-e-Aahan actor ignores the camera.

Zara captioned the photo “Round 2: Inshallah,” adding three emojis of an evil eye, an expecting infant, and a family of three. Fans and Hollywood stars are excited about the couple’s return to fatherhood.

After divorces, the pair married in 2017, taking a chance on each other. The pair enjoys a wonderful, supportive relationship and posts about their travel, life, family, and more on social media.

Zara miscarried six months into her 2021 pregnancy, losing her son. Asad said, “It wasn’t just a miscarriage. It was [stillbrith]. She gave birth to a five- to six-month-old I buried. We endured much hardship. He was Aurangzeb.

The Aye Musht-e-Khaak actor said Zara had regular breakdowns due to the trauma. “Miscarriage affects men, but women carry a life, making it stronger. They alter physically and hormonally. They already have a relationship, Asad said.

Zara discussed how the miscarriage caused guilt and self-blame in a podcast with Frieha Altaf. “I did [blame myself]. After the tragedy, she thought, “Maybe I didn’t eat right, maybe I didn’t make myself strong enough, maybe I should have lost more weight before conceiving, become thinner, maybe I should have taken vitamins, maybe I should have taken folic acid.”

The actor said it was divine will and drew the pair closer to God and each other. Zara said, “But all of that is a’maybe’. Even unsteady people have children from God. God gives to whoever He wants and takes from whom He wants.”

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